Visual Fault Locator Westover FFL050 for 2,5mm

Code: IMT100719
Bar code:  9936733000004
Manufacturer:  Viavi

Visual Fault Locator - FFL050
Visible wavelength is 650 nm. Very powerful laser (1 mW) for single-mode (> 7 km) and multi-mode (> 5 km) connectors.
Continuous or Flash light source. Universal connector interface for quick and easy connection.
2.5mm jack input (1.25mm adapter available).

Specifications :
Dimensions: 11.4 x 3.5 x 2.0cm
Weight: 46g (incl. AAA batteries)
Fiber Compatibility: Single-mode, Multimode
Wavelength: 650nm (visible)
Output Power: 1.0mW max
Output Modes: Continuous and Flashing
Range:> 7 km single mode,> 5 km multimode
Connector Interface: Universal 2.5 mm (fixed), Universal 1.25 mm adapter (Option)
Battery Type: 2x AAA