SqueekyKleen Telecom cleaner 0,95l

Code: ICM100963
Bar code:  9900140300002
Reference:  TC-35LF
Manufacturer:  Polywater

SqueekyKleen Telecom cleaner
Polywater SqueekyKleen Cable Gel Remover cleans gel-filled fiber optic cables. Designed to quickly remove a wide variety of gel types from buffer tubes, cables and individual fibers in a fast and time-saving manner. It also easily removes gel connections from coaxial cables.
SqueekyKleen ™ Cleaner´s unique formulation removes gel from the entire surface of the loose tube or microcable, leaving no residue. SqueekyKleen ™ Cleaner helps keep your welding equipment clean from contamination for better fiber alignment and weld quality.

Packaging: One 0.95l bottle with a plastic cap

- Effective - quick cleaning of gel and other fillers in the cable.
- Fast - just two steps and the fiber is clean and gel-free.
- No residue - no need for post-processing with alcoholic wipes.
- Tested - user and manufacturer approved.
- Compatible - safe on acrylic and microcable.