I/O LooseTube LSZH met 48 OV OM3 - Cca -s1a,d0,a1

Code: TCB100363
Min. order quantity:  150
Order multiple:  1
Manufacturer:  Nestor

I/O LooseTube Cable (48x OM3)
This cable can be used for LAN and WAN backbones, telecom lines, fiber to the business and fiber to the building as well as fiber to the home connections. With its LSHF sheath and CPR classification, this cable is ideal for mixed indoor and outdoor installations. This cable has a high tensile strength and is suitable for installation in and on pipes. The cable can be used buried directly with the correct sand filling.

No. of Fibres: 48
Fibre Type: OM3
Number of modules: 4
Number of fibers per module: 12
Cable Diameter: 11,0mm
Cable Weight: 112kg/km
CPR: Cca -s1a,d0,a1
Outer diameter 11.0 Outer jacket colour Orange
Fibre type 50/125 - OM3 Fibre amount 48