Ripley Fiber Optic Center Feed Stripper

Code: ITL101139
Bar code:  9993190000008
Reference:  81400
Manufacturer:  Ripley

Fiber Optic Center Feed Stripper - FO CF
New fibre stripper with center feed design allows for longitudinal approach fibre stripping.
The fibre is fully supported in the stripping process of 900 micron buffer coating to 250 micron and standard 250 micron coating to 125 micron stripping.
Side mounted stripper blades provide convenient stripping of 1.6 mm to 3 mm cable jackets. Tool is factory set and requires no adjustment.
Removable cleaning brush is conveniently attached to the stripper for periodic cleaning of stripping jaws
Length: 29,7 mm
Height: 55,6 mm
Width: 99,99 mm
Weight: 79 g