PG4HTA/3033 CI=3,0mm LI=3,3mm for cables Ø47-75mm

Code: ITL101099
Bar code:  9990380000008
Min. order quantity:  1
Order multiple:  1
Manufacturer:  Alroc

Stripping tool for HV-cables Ø47-75 mm
Dipped cut CI = 3.0mm LI 3.3mm for cables Ø47–75m for HS cables

PG pliers make it possible to make precise longitudinal and circular cuts and thus remove the cover from PE, PVC, PR cables.

Length: 265 mm
Width: 92 mm
Height: 79 mm
Weight: 870 g
Longitudinal cuts: 3.3 mm
Circular cut depth: 3.0 mm
Capacity: 47 to 75 mm outer jacket