µGlasvezelkabel JN-SM-URE met 24 OV G657A

Code: TCB100027
Min. order quantity:  100
Order multiple:  1
Manufacturer:  Prysmian

JN UniTube Cable (24xG657A1)
UniTube cable construction, thermoplastic material filled with a suitable water tightness compound. The fibres are uniquely identified by a different colour and grouped in 12 fibre groups with a coloured yarn. Strength members are applied in the cable. The outer sheath consists of a special high-density polyethylene compound.

No. of Fibres: 24
Type vezels: G657A1
Loose Tube- Ø: 3,1mm
Sheath thickness: 0,4mm
Cable Diameter: 3,9mm
Cable Weight: 12,5kg/km
Tensile Performance: 150N
Outer diameter 3.9 Outer jacket colour yellow
Fibre type G657A1 Fibre amount 24