AquaKleen 60ml Finger sprayer

Code: ICM100964
Bar code:  9900140500006
Reference:  AQ-2LP
Manufacturer:  Polywater

AquaKleen 60ml Finger sprayer
Polywater AquaKleen has been developed for cleaning fiber optic cables and fiber optic endfaces. The excellent wetting achieves precision parts to remove dust, buffer gel, lint, fingerprints, and oils. AquaKleen dissipates static surface charges so that the surface is less likely to be re-contaminated.
AquaKleen Fiber Cleaner contains innovative water-based technology. A special mix of 94% ultra-pure demineralized water with its own solvents without leaving any residue. AquaKleen is an environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

Packaging: bottle of 0.60l with finger sprayer