Sealing Fibre-optic Building Entry GFH20 1x Ø12-16mm

Code: IMF100389
Bar code:  4052487209854
Min. order quantity:  1
Order multiple:  1
Reference:  2900001315
Manufacturer:  Hauff
Pack (20pieces)

Sealing Fiber-optic Building Entry GFH20 Ø12 to 16mm
Universal house entry with injection system for drilling in external walls, allows horizontal or angled installation up to an angle of 45°.
Material-friendly sealing of fiber optic cables through sealing lips, gas and watertight up to 1 bar.
Seal for 1 cable / pipe with an outer diameter Ø12-16mm, drill size is Ø20mm (for wall thicknesses from 100mm)
- 20 pcs GFH 20 / 1x12-16
- 40 pcs pipe clamp to put on the pipe and to fix the system
- 20 pcs white disc to compensate for uneven inner wall
- 10 pcs 2-component resin Tangit iM3000, 150ml
- 20 pcs mixer jets
- 10 pcs vent tube
- 1 set of installation tools consisting of 1 adapter for cartridge gun and 1 dosing aid (only 75ml required per seal)