About us

Founded early 2000, Crosswise aims to supply the most advanced telecom equipment available on the market. All materials for the construction of telecom networks belong to our expertise and we offer a complete package of products, educations and after sales service.

From the bury of HDPE-pipes or subduct-bundles to the blowing of cables, all possible telecom systems can be found at Crosswise. Crosswise has evolved into a certified supplier offering value-added telecom equipment in terms of innovation and technical expertise.

We have adopted a strategy of exclusive collaboration with our partners, giving us the possibility to combine the best products and thus enabling us to offer a suitable solution for every situation. 

Our office is located in Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor, Belgium.

Our Team

The Crosswise team consists of about 15 enthusiastic employees who consider customer satisfaction and product knowledge of paramount importance. We know each of our customers, which allows us to provide the best service to all of our customers according to their needs. Our customers can count on us for flexible solutions, technical knowledge and correct administration.

Our Mission

Crosswise is a B2B system integrator that offers engineering services and distribution of a wide range of materials and components for both underground and overhead telecom infrastructures. We centralize the expertise and products of international manufacturers of telecom components and translate this expertise to the needs of our customers.

In addition to the active provision of total solutions, we provide the necessary logistic support and specialized service. Our suppliers are trusted partners selected according to strict criteria in terms of representation and expertise in the telecom sector, quality, flexibility and service. The long-term relationship and open communication enables us to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

These high standards, complemented with our solid experience, result in specialized advice and customized solutions for our clients.

Our History

Crosswise was founded in 2000 with the core objective of supplying the most advanced telecom equipment on the market. We’ve started with a small team of just 3 members. Over the last years, Crosswise has grown in several areas. Our team has bolstered to 15 client- and product-driven employees. We’ve outgrown 2 offices and have expanded our warehouse capacity exponentially.

The telecom market has also changed a lot over the years, but we’ve always managed to grow with it and not lose sight of our core objective of supplying the most advanced telecom equipment on the market to our ever-growing customer base.

About us - Crosswise