New at Crosswise - Fujikura FSM-41S+

New @ Crosswise 41S+

The new Fujikura FSM-41S+ is now available at Crosswise and will replace the FSM-41S. The redesigned splicer is equipped with ACTIVE FUSION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY and ACTIVE BLADE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY to maintain consistent low loss splicing results. These two technologies, allow you to achieve more stable low-loss splicing, reducing the need for rework and re-splicing.  

One of main causes of high splice loss is bad cleave end face quality. The 41S+ analyzes the condition of both L and R cleave end faces and applies optimal fusion control. This "Active Fusion Control Technology" improves splice loss significantly and greatly reduces needs for rework. The 41S+ uses real-time fusion parameter control by analyzing the fiber brightness intensity during splicing. This contributes to stable, low-loss splice results.

"Active Blade Management Technology" reduces the frequency of incorrectly cleave angles. The 41S+ and CT50 fiber cleaver are equipped with wireless data connectivity. This capability allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the 41S+ judges the blade is worn. 

  • Applicable fibers: Single and Multi Mode optical fiber
  • Cladding dia.: Approx.125μm
  • Coating dia.: max. 3000µm
  • Cleave length: 5mm to 16mm with sheath clamp
  • Splice mode/heating mode: Total 100 splice modes/30 heating modes
  • Size / weight: 131W x 201D x 79H (mm) / 1.3kg (including battery)